Two's in the USA

Two’s Company is an Authentic American Success Story! It traces its origin back to 1969, when Bob and Bobbie Gottlieb founded the company in their home. Today it is inspired and guided by Bobbie and Tom, her son. Bobbie and Tom strive to maintain the company’s leadership position in the gift and home industry, not only by offering the best product, but also by their inspiring showroom displays, their exciting trade show offerings, and by their world class service staff.

Product is what drives the Two’s vision. There is nothing like entering a shop and discovering an accessory, gift or piece of jewelry that one just must have! The talented product development team at Two’s is committed to the design of new, exciting and stylish products, creating collections that are clearly of their time and which provide the best value for our clients.

Behind the product stands an entire company whose desire is truly to support the retailer’s business and to build a brand that reflects the integrity of the founders. That delivers on its promise, and that generates an endless and renewable source of happiness for all involved.

Two’s Company continues to thrive on innovation and enthusiasm. In the words of Bobbie ... ‘It has been a creation of over 40 years, but somehow I feel the journey has just begun!’’

Two's Company in the USA