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Twos Company by Mulhouse ... Our Story

The story of Two’s Company in the UK has always been a family affair.

Caroline and Patrick started to distribute the collection in a small way back in 1989, literally working from the kitchen table. Over the years as the business grew they moved into farm buildings, and in 2006 into our 20,000 sq ft warehouse and offices. Geographically we haven’t moved far, it’s still only ½ a mile from the original kitchen table! But as a business we’ve come a long way, and along that way we have collected a great team of people.

Selling to over 1500 retailers in the UK and Europe we are known for our friendly professional service. Whether it’s one of our dedicated agents on the road; who will always ensure you make the most informed buying decision, or a member of our office or warehouse staff; who will handle your order with care, we always support our retailers to the best of our ability. After all, we would never have made it 25 years if it wasn’t for you!!

And of course, we would also never have made 25 years if it wasn’t for our New York based Two’s Company team, who year after year design pieces to add diversity, and style to your store. We are delighted to be associated with such a creative hard working team.

So our longevity and success is the sum of many parts…and whether you are a long standing customer or about to place your first order, we welcome you to our on line catalogue, and look forward to being part of your success story too!!

Best wishes

Caroline and Patrick Newton, and the whole Two’s Company by Mulhouse team.

The Two's Company by Mulhouse team